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How to Get the Gigi Hadid Makeup Look

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

One of my great pleasures as a celebrity makeup artist has been the chance to work with beautiful models like Gigi Hadid. And a common question I get back in Florida from my clients is: How do I get that Gigi Hadid look?

Well, the answer is no one can look exactly like Gigi Hadid. Just like every one of my clients — from a celebrity to any client in the Tampa and Orlando areas — she is a unique person with unique features. However, there are some makeup tips and tricks (a sort of Gigi Hadid makeup tutorial) that I can share on how I helped Gigi look her best for a red carpet appearance!

First things first: How to get a Gigi Hadid makeup look isn't something easy to come by. Makeup tutorials such as this one, and even the experienced hands of a celebrity makeup artist, aren't guarantees that you will magically clone yourself as Gigi Hadid. But you can get close! I promise. Just read on.

Of course, Gigi Hadid is the one of the most successful models of our time, and I was fortunate enough to work with her as her makeup artist for her while she was in Miami, Florida promoting her rookie year in The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She was friendly and approachable and I loved collaborating on her look for her red carpet debut.

For the look you see pictured with this blog, Gigi requested a very clean , simple appearance. So I began her skin prep with SK-11 Facial Treatment Essence and Aquaphor lip repair.

Next I applied Becca backlight primer all over her face and declotage. This creates a beautiful lit from within look and is great under any foundation.

For her foundation , I used a Beauty Blender to stipple on Armani Luminous silk foundation only in the places needed to even out her skin. This foundation is dewy and leaves the skin with a beautiful glow yet gives great coverage.

I didn’t need to use much concealer (I mean, Gigi’s skin is basically flawless), but I added a bit under her eyes to leave a nice soft highlight. I used a bit of NARS Radiant creamy concealer in Custard.

For eyeshadow we decided on a barely-there look. Just enough to show a little contour on the eye. For this look , we swept Mac Pro longwear paint pot in “barely-there” on the lid and lightly enhanced the crease with Nars eyeshadow in “shimmering bronze taupe”

We wanted to the lashes to appear very natural but open up the eye a bit. So for this we curled her lashes and then added a a couple individual lashes to her lash line to give her a fuller look. Then I added Dior Show mascara to all the lashes and brushed them with an empty mascara wand to fan them out a bit.

Countour was something I wanted to add bit with a more natural effect. To achieve this , I used Armani luminous silk foundation two shades darker than her skin tone and added it in the hollows of her cheeks and around her temple area.

I wanted to add a bit of blush but I wanted it to appear like it came from within , so I applied Stila convertible color dual lip and cheek cream in “Gerbera” applied with the same beauty blender I used for her foundation and I only dabbed it lightly on the apples of her cheeks.

In my work as a makeup artist in Tampa and Orlando, clients will often make specific requests. And Gigi Hadid was no different! Gigi specifically wanted a nude lip and it was actually her suggestion to use concealer lightly patted onto her lips. We used Becca ultimate coverage concealing cream in “chestnut” to achieve this nude look. I actually loved the idea and use it to this day.

I finished off Gigi’s look with a bit of Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder only in the t-zone.

There you have it! A very simple clean look for the red carpet for a supermodel. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gigi Hadid. As you would expect from everything you see from her on TV, her social media, and on the celebrity news sites, she was humble and kind and fun to talk with. And, of course, Gigi Hadid was beautiful inside and out.

(Scroll to bottom of this page to see a list of all the products I used for Gigi.)

Casey Cheek is a celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist based in Tampa and Orlando, Florida, who also works as a mobile makeup artist all around the world. If you are interested in working with Casey Cheek, you can contact her here.

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Tampa makeup artist Casey Cheek's client Gigi Hadid on the carpet

Here is a list of the makeup products I used on Gigi Hadid:

  • SK-11 Facial Treatment Essence

  • Aquaphor lip repair

  • Becca backlight primer

  • Beauty Blender

  • Armani luminous silk foundation

  • NARS radiant creamy concealer

  • Mac Pro longwear paint pot

  • Ardel individual lashes

  • Dior show mascara

  • Stila convertible color dual lip and cheek cream

  • Becca ultimate coverage concealing cream

  • Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder

  • Anastasia tinted brow gel

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